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Independant XanGo Distributor/Family

Thank you for visiting my site!  My name is Holly Hendrick and I am a 49 yr.old (young!) single mom of 4 children. 3 of those children are grown and my 7yr old son is at home with me.

I am a Xango Juice Independant Distributor. What this means is that by sharing the juice with people like yourself, family and friends, I am able to stay at home so that I am here to care for my family.  I don't have to punch a time clock, I don't have a boss to answer too. I simply share the juice to those that are seeking nutritional supplementation or that may be looking for additional income to include residual, passive income (money that keeps coming in even after I have retired).

I enjoy being a distributor for XanGo.  I work when I want, get paid weekly and monthly, my team works together to insure that our businesses grow with momentum, my son loves it that I am home when he gets off the school bus and we have so much more time together in the summer. Plus..........I DON'T HAVE TO PAY A BABYSITTER ANYMORE!!

How awesome is that?

Here Is a picture of me and my boys, my daughter wasn't available for the picture. These are all the reasons I need to be an Independant Xango Distributor. (and NO I don't have to keep a bunch of product in my garage to collect dust!)

XanGo Sponsors Professional Soccer Team!

All of my boys are AVID Soccer players and fans.  Thats wonderful especially considering that XanGo is the sponsor for the Salt Lake City, Utah Professional Soccer team  The Real'.  This is the first time in History that any major league professional sports team has ever had a sponsors name on the jerseys (especially in big bold letters)  WOW!!  What exposure for my business!!


Joe Morton is the founder of XanGo,LLC.  His family history is in natural supplements and botanicals. 

XanGo,LLC. is only 4 years old and in their FIRST year, sold more juice than Pepsi did in their 34th year. And we've only just begun.

My business is built on teamwork. Im always seeking quality people who want more for their families and their future, who posess a high work ethic and determination for success.

You can always contact me personally at my e-mail address below or you can call me at 417-532-3000 or toll free at 1-800-417-6360 ext. 1925.

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